REA Group is an established brand in Australia and for good reason. It is a start-up success story that has changed the way Australian consumers experience and interact with the property market. REA has leveraged the rise of digital as key enablers to their vision. Often along the way pioneering how businesses can leverage digital to not just be successful, but also to redefine industries and consumer expectations.

The most robust relationships don’t merely evolve, they prosper. They build in terms of their substance and importance. For over two years, a relationship that fits this category has been building between The Lumery and REA Group.

How the relationship has gone from strength to strength

The Lumery’s relationship is a relatively small part of the overall REA journey, but one that both parties are seeing as valuable and rewarding. As REA continues to push the boundaries across technology, data and consumer experiences, they partner with The Lumery to support on new capabilities, platforms and ways of thinking.

At a fundamental level, The Lumery and REA Group share the same outlook. The relationship has gone from strength to strength, both parties have a deep understanding of each other’s needs and a hands-on approach to enabling capability for lasting momentum. This mutual desire to grow ensures both partner and client are pushing each other to think outside the box and maximise results.

“REA is known in this industry for their digital maturity, and even though they have reached this status, they continue to see the value of challenging themselves and finding opportunities to upskill further” says The Lumery’s Advisory Lead, Ben Desailly.

This trusted relationship showcases The Lumery’s preferred mode of engagement with clients: collaboration and partnership.

Building beyond the stop-gap solutions

The Lumery’s work in marketing automation with REA deserves headlines in its own right. REA leveraged The Lumery’s initial capability review to understand its entire Martech ecosystem. This capability review determined key gaps and investment needs required to support their personalisation efforts.

The Lumery’s Marketing Automation Specialist, Beth Loder, is one of the wider team that supports REA’s capabilities across requirements, solution, execution and testing. Beth is heavily integrated into the REA team, participating in WIP’s and daily meetings.

“It is incredible to work with a client that constantly searches for new ways to improve their end-to-end consumer experience. They partner with external experts to ensure they are across new developments and stay ahead of the curve. It is their team mindset of self-awareness that drives REA forward in the digital space” Beth Loder states.

The Lumery has played a crucial role in supporting REA’s tech needs, whether that be platform integration, vendor reviews or education. The Lumery’s Marketing Automation team supported REA’s campaign and journey migration into Braze and integration onto their customer data platform, Tealium. REA has also leveraged The Lumery’s Experimentation team to support the education and enablement of their experimentation platform, Optimizely. For REA, education and upskilling never stops. When it comes to looking to the future, workshops on new concepts help level-set teams and accelerate discussions internally.

“Our vision for personalisation at REA spans multiple years, and The Lumery has been a critical partner for us in that journey. Our needs have been varied and with that they have been able to adapt to meet us every time, whether that is strategic marketing technology advice through to delivering great new experiences to the Australian market. The Lumery understands our desire to have our thinking respectfully challenged, which allows us to craft the best outcomes for our consumers and customers”, says Drew Pearse, REA’s Senior Manager — Consumer Product & Experience.

The Lumery work well beyond band-aid or stop-gap solutions and partner with clients to create long-term enablement that continues beyond the contract expiry.

Providing true enablement

The best teamwork creates space for everyone to rise. The partnership between agencies and clients is no different. However, especially in the marketing industry, agencies tend to divide themselves from their clients. Too often, the outcome results in solutions that are out of sync with the client’s needs. Nevertheless, as marketing and technology combine, this old-fashioned approach is starting to unravel. Businesses with a substantial digital presence — or sizable digital ambitions — not only need marketing ideas, but they also need a partner who can agnostically bring the vision to life.

REA’s Senior Behavioural Communications Manager, Jane Yuen explains “Our working relationship with The Lumery over the last 1.5 years has been the most effective agency/client operational model I’ve experienced. Having The Lumery integrated into our REA team, attending daily WIPs and cross-functional showcases has allowed them to gain the broader context and thinking behind many of the requests that ultimately come their way. This has enabled The Lumery to challenge our ideas more effectively and from an operational perspective, resulted in higher output from the team with less time spent managing agency briefings or prioritisation sessions, and more time dedicated to what really matters — learning from each other and bringing these great ideas and experiences to life.”

Ben Desailly explains “The great thing about this relationship is that helps make both parties better. Instead of solely seeking solutions and recommendations, the REA team often uses The Lumery as an expert sounding board to ensure they’re making the most informed decisions possible. REA has also been great at sharing knowledge with our other clients and wider networks — taking the approach that learnings can come from anywhere and the more dialogue, the better.”

It’s for these reasons that The Lumery values its relationship with REA so profoundly.

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