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As a global charity leader in men’s health, Movember is on a mission to deliver breakthrough research and innovative support programs. Their mission is to enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Since Movember’s inception in 2003, the charity has raised over $1 billion to fund over 1,250 projects across a range of health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health issues and suicide prevention.

A balancing act between rapid growth and the realities of the digital world

In May 2019, Movember hit a crossroads in finding ways to enhance their supporter experience whilst simultaneously fighting a backdrop of fragmented online and offline engagement channels. This fragmented communication in real-life looked like; supporters receiving an EDM, a notification through the app and then a phone call — all activities being in complete isolation of each other.

“We’ve grown very quickly in a very short period of time,” Movember’s Global Lead of Supporter Experience Lauren Gunston said. “We started a new digital fundraising platform, but we still had a lot of different channels where our supporters received phone calls and emails, but these channels didn’t really ‘talk’ to each other that well”.

“There was also no formal approach or framework to meet our business problem and communications seemed quite ad hoc, informal and siloed,” Gunston added. “And for a long time, we didn’t really know what we needed, or how to make the supporter journey more consistent and seamless”.

Partnering with The Lumery to enable the supporter journey with a ‘holistic approach’

Movember turned to The Lumery to help develop a robust framework to enhance their supporter experience. Having a consistent, holistic and streamlined approach helped enable tactical and measurable outcomes.

“The Lumery had already proven their effectiveness and worth on previous projects, so we felt they were our natural ‘go to’ team to help us solve this particular challenge,” Gunston explained. “We really like how they’re so collaborative, energetic and help move things forward in the right direction.

“We also like how they’re really hands-on but at the same time, straight talking and transparent — they easily cut through the BS and just get the right things done. They also asked the right questions, which we had never actually asked each other. Due to all of this, we felt confident they had a true understanding of what we needed — and how to get it done.”

Importantly, the Lumery worked closely with the Movember team to help develop a new customer journey framework, giving Movember a more transparent understanding of the different stages of the fundraising lifecycle.

“This new framework really encourages our supporters to engage and take action at the right touchpoints as well as enable our team to get information and insights that speak to a unified supporter experience,” Gunston added. “Off the back of it, we’ve also launched a number of different initiatives and campaigns to help us achieve our goals by utilising The Lumery’s approach to supporter experience.”

Mo-mentous collaboration and supporter journey management

Since starting the partnership, Movember has seen more alignment on a global and local level for their supporter journey experience. This change has also elevated their cross-functional team environment allowing alignment across a common supporter journey.

This project has led to greater efficiency, closer collaboration across stakeholders and better communication between teams and change management leaders in the organisation. As a result, Movember found that better decisions are being made internally — especially in the lead up to their November campaign.

“This strategy has also helped contribute towards achieving our wider targets, and our overall results have been great this year,” Gunston said. “Globally, compared to 2018, we’ve had 23% more people sign up, with a 16% increase in retention and 20% increase in active fundraisers. This is an incredible result, and one we look to grow as we continue to evolve what we are doing in the supporter journey space”.

The Lumery’s Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rajan Kumar explained how the Movember and The Lumery relationship is a perfect cultural and professional fit; “As you move through your career, you start to seek opportunities to do something meaningful and for the greater good. The partnership we’ve developed between our teams over the last few years is something I’m very proud of. The collaboration of our teams is not only leading to fantastic work but tangible outcomes for the foundation and the impact Movember makes”.

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