We love feedback here at The Lumery, and whilst feedback is actively encouraged, this was an unprompted piece that we loved to receive and hope that you enjoy reading too.

I was at a client lunch recently when Raj, our CEO, was telling the table about a recent work trip where he and two fellow Lumes went on a road trip in regional NSW. One of our clients, sitting opposite me, responded by saying ‘I bet that was a good opportunity to let your shells come off and get to know each other better.’ My colleague and I looked at Raj and we all burst out laughing. With grins on our faces, we explained that there are no shells at The Lumery.

When you walk into our office and look to the right, you will see a pile of shells left at the door.

This is an exemplifying story that sheds some light on the special culture at The Lumery. Today, we are saturated with talk about company culture, how to have it, and why it’s important. Working at The Lumery, I see its power. It is hard to put into words the impact it has on my professional and personal well-being. I wrote this article without anyone asking me to do so. I just felt compelled with the desire to shout about my experience from the rooftops!

I’d like to talk about, from my own experience, how I think we got to a culture characterised by vulnerability and empathy; a mix of great leaders, company values, and awesome people.

Our leadership team are refreshingly open and vulnerable with us. They genuinely and authentically speak to us, showing the same level of respect they extend to anyone. They willingly share their professional and personal struggles or mistakes, which encourages me to reciprocate. This factor plays a significant role in making me feel that it's perfectly okay not to be okay and that making mistakes is a natural part of being human, since even our leaders acknowledge it!

Our values. At The Lumery, we say if there was any rule written in stone, it would be 'Lumes First.' This value is all about putting each other's well-being first. It’s funny, you always hear about company values on LinkedIn and in job interviews, but until I joined The Lumery, I never truly saw them come alive and the impact they have. This value, which I feel every time I step into the office or log into a meeting, allows me to relax and focus on doing the best work I can.

If there is pressure at work or something is going wrong, I don’t carry that full load of stress and worry that I am used to. Because I know that I have dozens of colleagues standing there ready to drop everything to help me. I know this is true because I get told this time and time again, ‘If you need anything, you know I am always here, Sofie’... ‘Mate, you know I always have your back.

Our people. None of the above would hold up if we didn't have good people. At the end of the day, it's a combination of the above factors and the people that truly define our culture.

We deliberately hire individuals with character, respect, and humility. There's no sense of unhealthy competition here, and we never take credit for each other's work. Instead, we prioritise one another, offering genuine support and acknowledgment. I didn't even know that such a workplace culture was possible! I always thought some unhealthy competition and occasional hostility were synonymous with the workplace. However, in my time at The Lumery, I have never experienced either.

The Melbourne office Lume skateboard wall

I am genuinely grateful for The Lumery and the people I get to surround myself with every day. What I didn't get to discuss was The Lumery’s culture of curiosity, ambition, and continuous learning. These traits, alongside what I have discussed, are what makes The Lumery a workplace like no other. Being in this environment has accelerated my growth and infused my everyday working life with a sense of joy, ease and most importantly, fulfilment. As a young woman at the beginning of my career, I couldn't ask for a better workplace.

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Sofie O'Mara - Customer Strategist at The Lumery

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